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Copyright © 2009-2014 Just Natural Art by Irina Lichis All rights reserved

Now you can order your own Just Natural Art original painting. Irina likes to create custom paintings for individuals. There is that special connection in the process of creation of an artwork. For custom paintings, we can take as a basis a photo, idea or concept. 

How to order a custom painting? Here is the process step by step:


Step 1. First of all you should email Irina at IRINALICHIS@GMAIL.COM saying that you want to order custom painting.

Step 2. We will discuss your custom painting details such as idea, concept, size, medium (coffee, tea, copper, gold, silver, mineral and ground pigments or their combinations), price,  shipping

price, etc.

Step 3. The work on sketches for custom paintings starts after 50% prepayment of the estimated cost. The final price for custom paintings is determined by the size and the complexity of the painting which can only be precisely defined after completion of the work on sketches.

Step 4. Once we have reached the final decision and approved the final sketch, we will sign the Agreement on Creation   and   Purchase    of

Original JNA artwork where the final price is stated.

Step 5. Once we have signed the Agreement, you need to pay the remaining part of the cost within 5 working days. When Irina Lichis receives the funds she puts your order on the waiting list.

Step 6. Irina Lichis will notify you that she is ready to start working on your custom painting. Once the work on your painting is finished, Irina Lichis will notify you aswell and  send  the  photo   of   the

finished painting.

Step 7. When you are glad with the result you have to pay delivery cost within 5 working days. When the funds are received Irina Lichis packs and dispatches the painting.

Custom order processing time depends on how many custom orders to draw Irina Lichis already has in the waiting list. Waiting list is a list of total amount of custom paintings that Irina Lichis is going to work on.

If you want to start or supplement a collection and you want to make a custom order you can use next form.